Pop In Place

Bere Regis

Your story

Pop In Place community cafe ..combats rural isolation and brings the community together in creative and imaginative ways.

Group introduction

The Pop In Place is run by volunteers, there are no paid workers it has been running for nearly 21 years. It provides twice weekly cafes for all ages within the rural community, it offers transport to the ones unable to walk. We also offer music and dance opportunities to villagers and stage productions. There is a baby and toddler cafe once a week . The Pop In Place is the hub of this rural village and a fine example of community cohesion at its very best. We also run many events that both benefit the village socially and provide fundraising.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

The funding would help us to pay our rental cost for the Village Hall that we hire four times a week this , I have just written a cheque for the last quarter for £ 566.00 we like to keep the cafe free without an entrance fee so all can afford it. Then just charge minimal amounts for tea and coffee . We could also do with some new table cloths and some new chairs as some are getting very worn.

"The Pop In Place Bere Regis community cafe is a life line for many people who live within the parish of Bere Regis and combats lonliness and isolation in a very real and joyful way. Alison Bennett Team Leader"

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