Kingston-St-Mary Croquet Club

Taunton Somerset

Your story

We want everyone to give croquet a go.

Group introduction

We are a group of mixed ages mosty. It is a social gathering once a week for a game of croquet a cup of tea and cake.. Its amazing people come along who have never played any sports and take to this game. The committee are all volunteers and work very hard to encourage new members to join. I have been a member now for 10yrs and over this period I have seen how people enjoy the company as well as the game.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

The funding would be a massive help. When the club first started we had no mallets, balls or hoops. We had to rely of a member to make the equipment, they all need to be replaced which is quite an expense. We charge a weekly fee of £3 this covers the rental of the recreation hall and the gardener who cuts the lawns every week. We all hope the weather stays fine as no fees are collected and we have to dig into our small amount of reserves.

"Maureen Maddocks, Fund Raiser: "Give croquet a go its fun"."