Excelsior Athletic Development Club


Your story

A pioneering sports club that offers opportunities for local people from ages 5-50 in gymnastics, athletics and weightlifting

Group introduction

Excelsior ADC was set up in 2014 to give children in Willand the chance to take part in gymnastics without having to travel.
Every club within 30 minutes drive time had a waiting list of 2 years or more.
There was no athletics club within 10 miles and no weightlifting club within 50 miles. Head Coach James Marshall spent 2 years setting up the club before it opened. We now have 140 members with ages from 5-50. We have opened up a satellite centre in Wellington, Somerset to cater for demand there. We have now got 11 volunteer coaches helping us, including 6 junior coaches who are at Secondary school.
We have developed links with 2 secondary schools and 3 primary schools and they are sending their pupils to the club to get coaching in these 3 sports.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We are looking to buy 3 pieces of gymnastics kit:
a junior springboard, a top tumbler and a landing mat. This will allow our gymnasts to develop their skills further. The top tumble is especially designed to help prepare for handsprings and backflips which is the next stage for our gymnasts.
We are looking to expand our club numbers both in Willand and Wellington. We have the venues, the coaches and their development plan plus good kit for the entry level gymnasts.
This new kit will enable our club members to progress within the club, rather than dropping out from the sport. We have 94 gymnasts registered and want to add another 16 this Autumn and a further 16 next spring.

""Having this funding will enable us to get the extra kit we require, thanks to Skipton for supporting a grassroots club like Excelsior ADC""

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