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Bath Rugby provides a sporting, fun and social group for ladies in the community would like to challenge themselves. It also offers many volunteer roles for those who prefer to support rugby off the pitch. Bath rugby ladies cares about the local community and loves building partnerships by supporting local clubs and businesses whenever possible.

Group introduction

Bath Rugby Ladies is a volunteer division of the Bath RFC including Men and women’s under 17s – separate from professional Bath Rugby Men’s Club.

The day to day running of the club is organised and run completely by volunteers. At any time during the year we have between 3-9 coaches and assistant coaches who all work voluntarily to give up their time to run two-three training sessions a week, and come to a match once a fortnight. They also plan for each training session, using our limited resources, and monitor each player working on their specific targets and offering specific advice to help players improve. In addition to this they provide theory sessions to help players understand the sport and rules of contact rugby dedicating more of their own time for this.
The admin side of the rugby club is organised by a group of volunteers who all give up their free time to organise matches, food, first aid, training, equipment and kit for the club.

Money is raised through club members is given to the club to help buy new kit, safe equipment, balls, and food for post-match meals. But we are still in great need of safe tackle bags, post protectors, a new scrum machine and suitable floodlighting so that we can training in the evening all year round. As a team we regularly support other businesses and events and have attended drinks evenings, eaten in local restaurants, participated in a bowls competition and even run the half and full marathons in aid of charities. We love to work as a team to give back to our community. We also have awards for our own members and volunteers each year to commemorate them for the commitment and support they give us.

The Ladies division of the club has been established since 2004 to provide a contact club to follow the under 17s clubs in the local area. Bath Rugby Ladies provides a sporting outlet for women all over the South West. It promotes and develops community, comradely, communication, team work and physical and mental fitness. It provides opportunities for the community through volunteering positions supporting the club, hosting fundraising events and days both for Bath Rugby and for others which encourage the local community to get together, participate or watch a variety of sports and activities such as contact and touch rugby, zorbing, pizza nights and music performances. In addition to this Bath Rugby Ladies often invite local businesses to have a stall at their events to promote their business and show each other support.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

This money would enable us to purchase safe and up to date equipment so that new members are able to have their own kit, and train with suitable facilities.
To play rugby each person must own boots, socks, shorts, and a team shirt. It is the clubs responsibility to provide shirts, shorts and socks for each player. Each season we have many new players and sponsors and so new and up to date kit is constantly required.
Another area which would benefit is the disabled access. Although we have a ramp to the pitch it has become overgrown and old and needs updating to ensure that any wheelchair users can support the teams or attend the events at the grounds.

Our equipment is old and our storage too small. We need to purchase a new storage container to keep all our equipment in so that it does not get damaged. We also need new, safe equipment. Tackle bags and shields do not have a very long life expectancy and so need replacing every few years to ensure that everyone involved is kept safe. Our scrum machine is also currently broken with pads missing and screws sticking out and unable to be repaired. It would be a wonderful asset to the club to have a scrum machine so that players can practice safely and learn how to scrimmage in a safe controlled way meaning they will be safer during their games.

By receiving this money we would also be able to update the facilities in the club house and changing room. Our location – Lambridge training ground – is used for all our fundraising, and community events and the facilities are very poor. We currently only have two working loos in the club house and one in the changing rooms. When we have events with two teams and supporters we have around 100 people 60 of whom are players all sharing one loo. It would be wonderful to give our club facilities a new lease of life, including new loos!

In addition to this our clubhouse oven is currently broken and we have very limited kitchen supplies. In order to provide food after games, for our volunteers and at events we need to have a working kitchen. By having these updated facilities we would be able to host many more community events, proving opportunities for local business to get themselves known and make sales, offering safe and friendly family days out and provide opportunities for community activities. In addition to this we would have a safer, more accessible club allowing more people to work and play together on and off the pitch.

"QUOTE: Harriet Alexandra - 2nd Team player said:
'This being my first season of Rugby I cannot belive how much fun it's been. I amed to just play a game, but of course I was blown away by the buzz of being part of the team running out on a Sunday.
I am incredibly proud to be part of such a supportive and inspirational team. Looking around at the Rec (at the end of the season sponsorship game) and seeing the stands full just shows how much we've grown in presence in the game, in the city and for women in sport. What an honour to be part of this."

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