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Group introduction

I, Dee Bailey run this group. It came to being after my father past away in 2014 and I know that creating special events I can make a difference to peoples lives.

I love networking and meeting people so this platform is creating opportunities for those who normarily may not get a chance share their journeys and stories to help make a difference. I have organized 8 International Women's Days (since 2008)and 1 International Men's Day. (Nov '16). There is a women's networking group I host bi-monthly.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

Creating awareness and celebrating men is currently under represented. I do not know of any other International Mens Celebrations in Luton or surround on this scale. The event last year went extremely well with just over 100 people attending. Both men and women and children come along to support. Men need a platform and the issues discussed ie mental health/suicide/cancer/ other issues by carers/individuals who have the ailment and also service providers. There are also exhibitor stalls where people can get information readily. Light entertainment is provided to break up these delicate topics. Too be honest I am not sure of the numbers that can be helped information is passed on and this is vital. We as a community can be doing so much more. This year November 18th I will be hosting another celebration. This will be happening with or without the funding. The funding would just make it more viable and the money used would help towards the venue and other expenses. All those taking part do so voluntarily, speakers, performers and it was also free to attendees. We need to reach as many people as possible, once you start charging your are alienating those potentially in most need.,

"Dee Bailey
Event Organiser"

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