Phoenix Cultural Centre CIC


Your story

We are a group of local residents, musicians and community workers who are working to unite people through music and give local artists a platform for their work, wellbeing to support people and a safe space to socialise

Group introduction

We set up as a community group in 2011 after running music nights in Woking for some time. The object was to get a grassroots music venue, arts and cultural centre for Woking which doesnt currently have one where people of all different backgrounds and ages could be brought together to see music, create together - music, writing, songs regardless of skill level or experience and have a safe place to socialise for every age group. We started in cafes, pubs, clubs, outreach Work in the community, elderly care homes, then we registered as a CIC and took over a local shop lent to us by a local landlord whilst trying to get a proper sized venue. In the shop we put on music nights, poetry, local writers book launches and local musicians cd launches, we also gave the space over to local charities to help people with back to work and confidence building skills, teenagers with autism drama groups etc. We run a free festival for the community in our local park where local musicians get a platform and people can come and try out all our instruments, have open mic, workshops and just a nice day out for their families. From this Summer we will be taking over a large 1000 cap nightclub to turn into our venue and arts centre for all for three years called The Fiery Bird. We aim to bring together our diverse vibrant community in a space shaped by community members for music, wellbeing and arts.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

This funding would be used to contribute to community activity at the new venue ie, daytime arts and music, local band nights and family music activities. By bringing people together through these activities it strengthens community bonds and helps promote understanding across the age groups and diverse demograph that we have here in Woking.By strengthening our funding it can contribute and help us to put forward pilot schemes which will give us a chance to build a sustained programme of activity that many can access. We would use this for free music workshops for groups who can not afford to pay for lessons as nothing of this type exists currently.

"'Music is all inclusive everyone can take part and it brings people together in a way that nothing else can, it lifts us up when we are feeling down and comforts us in times of stress, it motivates and calms, everybody should be able to feel the benefits and it doesn't matter who you are, your age, where you are from it is a common language, we try to do things that make people feel happy and connected, encouraged and safe' Elaine McGinty CEO"

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