Chieveley Short Mat Bowls Club

Chieveley Recreation Centre Village Hall

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We are a small but thriving short mat bowls club who play in Chieveley Recreational Centre’s (CRC) main hall. Details on the club can be found on our web page on the MyChieveley web site (

Group introduction

Our club’s constitution states “The objective of the club shall be the promotion of indoor bowling for the provision of entertainment for the residents of Chieveley and the surrounding area”. The short mat bowls club meets in Chieveley Recreational Centre’s (CRC) main hall, for which we pay a hall fee covered by members charges (£2.50/person/meeting).. Perhaps understandably most of our short mat bowls club members comprise more elderly and retired persons. These are drawn from within the village and from a substantial mostly rural area within West Berkshire. for whom the club provides a social meeting place & activity outlet twice a week.
We currently operate with 3 bowls mats which we have to lay out and then roll up at each meeting, thus able to accommodate up to 24 players at any one time. While the social aspects of the club remains a priority objective for the club’s members, we do also compete in leagues within the Oxfordshire Short Mat Bowls Association (there is no equivalent Association for Berkshire). While we have four reasonable mats (one in reserve), several are now quite old having been purchased shortly after the club started. A new mat can cost in excess of £800 and we are in need of at least one replacement.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

If we were fortunate to receive an award we would use the money towards purchase of a new short mat bowls carpet (current cost >£800) using our own reserves to make up the difference.. The mat would be put to immediate use on our meeting days (Monday pm and Thursday evenings), for the benefit of our playing members. Mat quality is important for improving the ability of members.


Dear Sirs
I have been a member of Chieveley Short Mat Bowls Club for the last 11years and have enjoyed the company and friendship of the members. Most of us are retired now but we also have a few younger people who help and are an asset to our Club. I play on Monday afternoons and Thursday nights.

We have been told that an application has been put forward for help in funding a new mat, as they are so expensive.

Please consider our needs. We would be so very grateful
for your help.


Anthea Armitage. Mrs.
Club Representative as Trustee on Chieveley Recreation Centre's Management committee"

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