Twist and Hit Cheerleaders


Your story

We work with children and young adults in an area of high deprivation in accordance with the SIMD (Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation). We look to inspire young people to take part in sport, physical activity, team work and career development/work experience. Our club looks above and beyond the sport and looks to inspire leaders of the future.

Group introduction

Run by Sarah McNeill, I have been involved in All-Star Cheerleading for 15 years and started the Twist & Hit Cheerleading programme in 2014. We look to support and inspire those from low income back grounds with minimal access to sporting facilities and high standard coaching in a safe environment. We look to open many avenues into physical fitness, leadership skills, work experience and team work. We also reach out to families to get involved in community work such as chaperones, admin assistants, fund raising and tuck-shop duties. We have a 'get involved' attitude to work a community away from anti-social behaviour and isolation.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We would be looking to purchase a new sound system to allow our group to engage more with third party groups. A lack of music means we are limited to basic training which can de-motivate members. In addition to this we would like to purchase a spring board to enhance gymnastic/tumbling skills. We also look to put our parent volunteers through additional training such as first aid at work, child protection and social media awareness.

"All-Star Cheerleading is looking to inspire young people to get involved in there community and work towards a common goal with a physical benenfit - Sarah McNeill"

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