Scotch Street Wheelers Cycle Group.

Scotch Street, Portadown. Co Armagh

Your story

A very enthusiastic mature group of cyclists.

Group introduction

Under the leadership of Mary Hunter and Ruth McFadden our group cycles every Monday morning throughout the year and Thursday evening in the summer. Both these women did a Bike Leadership Course to safely lead us on 20/25 mile cycles each week. We mainly cycle the roads of Counties Armagh, Tyrone and Down and the routes are varied. when the group started the majority used bikes provided by the community centre but as the group has got more confident they have bought their own bikes, we still encourage new members to join and start off on the community bikes before committing financially to their own bike. These cycle rides usually take up to 2/3 hours and the membership mainly includes mature men and women of all ability levels from this very rural community.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

The aim of the group is to develop and encourage health and well-being - social, mental and physical. To provide environments where social interaction can take place, to provide learning opportunities and development of knowledge, you are never too old to learn. to enhance self-esteem, address social isolation and loneliness and give a sense of purpose for living. Projects we would love to spend the money on are, to purchase cycling jerseys with a designed logo by the group which they could wear with pride and allow them to show identity and belonging.

To enable the group to experience and enjoy a guided cycle tour around Belfast and Dublin taking in the heritage and culture of these cities. Also bike maintenance classes and nutrition talks by experts from Cycling NI would be beneficial to the group and will develop good health, physical activity and social interaction addressing social isolation and loneliness. The group promotes integration among different communities and religious backgrounds and provides a safe and secure environment for all the participants. We have just over 20 members and are always encouraging anyone in the area to come and join us.

"Our Group very much lives up to its motto, " One Big Family " people will feel welcomed, accepted and encouraged when you join us. Mary Hunter, Group Leader."