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One Seed Forward is a community growing initiative

Group introduction

One Seed Forward is a volunteer run initiative that was created in December 2016 to encourage individuals, schools and community groups to grow their own vegetables. The initial concept is that we give seed potatoes away for free and provide support and advice on how to grow them through our website and by working with community groups. We do want everyone to feel involved in our community, so we ask that for every seed potato we give away, people give us two back from their crop. With these we hold community eating events, demonstrating different ways to cook the potatoes but especially having people eat together. Any excess stock we receive would be given to local foodbanks so that those needing a bit of help can get some fresh locally grown produce.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

There has been a great deal of interest in our project and within four months of us starting we gave away 400kg of free seed potatoes to various schools, community groups and individuals. We also gave away bags to grow them in.
We would like to do this again for the next growing season, but want to extend the variety of vegetables that people can grow by giving away other vegetable seeds for people to try. There was an excess in demand v supply for the potatoes this year, so the funding would allow us to reach more people in the community and also encourage those who grew with us last year to try growing other vegetables. As well as the fun of engaging people of all ages to grow their own food, it has lots of health benefits as well as reducing the carbon footprint. We hope that this becomes a starting point for people to keep on growing their own food. All monies we receive goes towards purchasing seed and providing information on how to grow them.

"One Seed Forward is an Aberdeen City & Shire based initiative aimed at encouraging schools, community groups and individuals to experience the joy of growing their own vegetables
Bob Donald, Founder"

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