Granite City Brawlers


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Granite City Brawlers are supportive, competitive roller derby club promoting our sport and providing an inclusive environment for all abilities aged 18+.

Group introduction

Granite City Brawlers were established in October 2013 to provide an opportunity for men to play roller derby in Aberdeen and north of Scotland. This has since evolved to an open league completely inclusive of all abilities and genders with no segregation or traditional expectations. We have around 30 skaters, officials and league volunteers who work in league committees to promote our sport locally, nationally and internationally, coach and develop new skaters and run social events for our members.

We work hard to develop new skaters and integrate them into a competitive team or officiating capacity. Some of our skaters have even made the Scottish national squad. But to do this we need to be able to afford equipment for training and drills, loan kit that new skaters can borrow and hall hire to get the hours required to let skaters develop and we find it incredibly difficult to get this out with the clubs’ members, friends and family. Our members do everything for the club; promotions, organising events, fundraising activities, social activities, poster design, social media and coaching amongst other things. We spend a lot of time together as a team which forms an amazing community and support network for all of the individuals within the group. With the support of Skipton we could continue to develop skaters, improve their opportunities and grow our sport in Aberdeen.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We are looking to recruit and develop more skaters from the local area. As part of our training, skaters must pass a series of minimum skills which are assessed by our coaches to ensure they are safe and competent to progress to play games. This funding will help towards the cost of hall hire for new intakes and general equipment such as bibs, safety equipment and agility hurdles. This will also help us continue to develop our pool of officials and competitive skaters.

"I love roller derby. The fast pace and the physicality is a great workout for the body and the mind. It makes you push yourself to go further and to be stronger. It’s such a great community and very teamwork orientated. Noone can win a game on their own! And it’s so welcoming for new skaters to get involved – no matter who you are, there is always a role to play. Potential funding for a grassroots sport like this is so important to help us pass on all these positives to more members in the future. Bennet Gordon – GCB skater."

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