Girls Extra-Curricular Fitness Club - Bridge of Don Academy

Bridge of Don, Aberdeen

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Girls Extra-Curricular Fitness Club - A club exclusively for girls to develop their confidence and fitness in a safe, caring and supportive environment.

Group introduction

This group meets at lunchtimes and after-school for female pupils from Bridge of Don Academy and school-aged girls from the local community to work on fitness in a fun and engaging way. The additional benefits include social skills, increased confidence and networking among the girls. The group is led by staff from the PE department and female senior pupils who are sports leaders. The group aim to get inspirational girls from the community to lead sessions and have guests in at least once a month. Activities that have been covered include; spin, body pump, pilates, yoga, abs blast and dance. The group has helped a large group of girls, including some of who have been inactive within PE in the past but this safe and nurturing environment helps them to push themselves and achieve during the club. Some girls who have been with the club for a few years as they mature have gone onto complete sports leadership courses and assist with the delivery of future sessions.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

Having the money would allow the group to purchase more fitness equipment particularly boby pump equipment. The girls had a guest session from an instructor from the local sports centre and the girls all really enjoyed the body pump class. Unfortunately a lot of them are too young to attend the class at the local gym so cannot take part in this activity any further. As a result we want to purchase a set of body pump equipment so the girls can take part in this activity in the safe environment of the school. Three of the PE teachers are qualified to deliver this activity safely so the girls would be able to continue an activity they wish to do.

The after-school club presently has a few members from the local primary school which helps when it comes to the girls transitioning to the academy however having some funding to advertise the club throughout the primary school would be
most helpful to increase the amount of girls able to attend.
We will also purchase more pink "fit for girls" sports t-shirts as rewards for attendance at the club so girls fell more included and part of the club.

"Stacey Jackson - 4th year pupil

"The girls only fitness club at Bridge of Don Academy has really, really helped me over the years I have been involved. At the beginning it gave me a sense of achievement for taking part in the fitness programmes. It then started making me feel much more confident with my body as I was able to work without fear of embarrassment from the boys in the class. Now I am an older pupil I have had opportunities to take part in sports leadership and lead some of the sessions and try to give other girls the same opportunities that I have had.""

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