Friends of Starbank Park


Your story

We are friends of Starbank Park, Edinburgh. We started up in 2013 to restore our local park which is Victorian Park with a large house in the centre. A steep hill towards the sea and a walled garden at the top. It is a unique park in Edinburgh and now the hub of our community we hold lots of community events throughout the year and all our Gardeners are volunteers. The park is now a flagship park for Edinburgh!

Group introduction

Our Friends of Starbank Park group is a volunteer group which meets every Wednesday and Saturday 10-11:30. Our group is made up of all ages and abilities. We have been active for 4 years and are so proud of our beautiful garden park. We have created a garden for the whole community to enjoy. A magical meeting place to relax, exercise and read. We have two little free libraries in the park.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We are renovating the old toilet block and gave discovered that the roof needs further work to make it water tight. We have asked the council but they don't have the funds to help us. We need the toilets open so we can use them at events which are extremely well attended and also for our volunteers who use the park. The toilet roof being fixed would benefit the whole community as it would be the only public toilet in the community. These toilets are essential for our group to use and help us work with other groups in the area.

"Janet McArthur, Chair of Friends of Starbank Park"

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