Ellon First Responders


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Ellon Community First Responders go to emergencies when an ambulance is delayed.

Group introduction

I am the coordinator and have 19 other volunteers in the scheme. We went through a 4 day course with the Scottish Ambulance Service to qualify as first responders in February of this year. I have been trying to start the scheme for almost 2 years prior to this. Within a month of training we received our ID badges allowing to attend incidents as volunteers before an ambulance arrives and we are called out for cardiac arrest, chest pain, breathing problems and medical collapse such as stroke, diabetes, epilepsy etc. Whilst we were given a jacket from the ambulance service all the equipment we need we have to fundraise for such as kit bags and defibrillators. We have now be live for 2 months and respond to our own town of 12000 residents and a 15 minute radius, we have had 15 jobs so far including 2 cardiac arrests.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We continue to buy equipment and hope to grow from an individual kit bag to eventually the team of volunteers having their own equipment to make running the scheme easier and helps us give more coverage including overnights etc. We will use the money to buy more supplies and this will keep the scheme running for years to come.

"The Ellon First Responders are grateful for any monies received so we can continue to respond to emergencies in our community and help save more lives. Cheryl Jones, Coordinator, Ellon First Responders"

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