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"If Music be the Food of Love - Play on Darvel"

Group introduction

The Darvel Music Company (DMC) was set up by a volunteer based committee of music lovers to regenerate our small rural town, once famous for lace and weaving products. Since the demise of these industries and subsequent closure of factories, the heart of the town was deeply affected. Thankfully a resurgence of civic pride became more evident from the year 2,000 onwards and through the efforts of community volunteers the area has been revitalised through musical and eco-tourism initiatives. The DMC is a not for profit community based organisation without charitable status.

The Festival attracted hundreds of music fans to the Darvel Music Festival over a 15 year period (2002 -2016), from all across Ayrshire, the rest of Scotland, the UK and Europe to enjoy an eclectic mix of high profile and high quality concerts from established National and International artistes. Over 260 acts have appeared at the town hall and the local economy has received a vital boost BUT unfortunately local authority part-funding was withdrawn due to cut-backs last year and we are now actively engaged in trying to keep music alive by having several concerts each year. We pro-actively try to get local and regional sponsorship and also have two or three fundraising events per year.

We have also been able to give young local musicians a platform to showcase their talents by providing a support slot at the shows. This in turn has boosted their self-esteem, improved their audio/technical skills and given them the confidence to play further afield.
With your help we can plan our finances more effectively and book ‘exclusive performers to the area’ well in advance for our next round of concerts.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

Darvel is a set in a scenic rural location in the Irvine Valley, Ayrshire. The town has a population of approximately 3,500 and the nearest large town is Kilmarnock, 10 miles away and the nearest city, Glasgow which is 25 miles away. As previously stated it was renowned for the quality of its textiles and was also the birthplace of the discoverer of penicillin, Sir Alexander Fleming.

Now mainly a commuter town, there is a scarcity of shops and businesses, however its strength lies in its eco-tourism potential linked to walking and cycling. Fishing is also a popular pastime on the nearby River Irvine. The Town Hall is one of the last bastions of ‘old Darvel’, being situated in the middle of the town and is a place where local groups, family gathering and mothers and toddlers as well as senior citizens congregate. This 100 year old building with oak beams and ‘vaudeville style stage’ holds 375 people and is where we bring in the best PA and Lighting system to the requirements of each international and national act. Local bands also get to enjoy the high standard of sound and lights as they appear as support acts.

We would spend your £500 on securing the substantial hall hire cost for our next show and this would then enable to use other monies raised for the PA hire, artist fees and promotional materials. In return your company will be billed as a co-headline sponsor of the show and you would receive a prominent advert on our new website and also on the large screens which are adjacent to the main shows during the live performance.

"Sheila McKenna - Chairperson

" As music loving volunteers we are passionate about bringing great bands who are usually only scheduled to play larger cities to our small town. This has helped us to regenerate our once proud lace town into a music-destination town"."

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