Cardenden Play Park Committee


Your story

Local parents come together to raise funds to provide safe and fun play parks for the community in Cardenden.

Group introduction

Cardenden Play Park Committee has been set up by 10 local mums who feel the state of the current park is completely unacceptable. The council have removed the existing play equipment as each piece reached the end of its lifespan but they have not replaced anything on the site. The council have no plans to redevelop the site however it has been reviewed as part of their Play Park Strategy-Cowdenbeath Area paper but no set plans or budget were made for the site.

We decided to take the matter into our own hands and we are working along with the council to raise funds and support to create a new safe and fun play space for the children in our local community. The park is directly beside Cardenden Primary School and Nursery and is a perfect location for the kids that attend that school and live in the surrounding area. We've been active for approx. 4 months. Our plans will help the local children, parents and carers in our community by providing a safe and fun space to play.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

Cardenden is an area of deprivation. There are issues around health, unemployment, drug and alcohol misuse. Children need to have space to exercise and be active and, perhaps most importantly, to be able to have fun and play with their friends and peers. Funding that we secure will be used towards funding playpark equipment. Once we have fundraised enough money, the Council has agreed to install and maintain the park for the lifespan of the new equipment (c. 25 years) but we need to raise monies to purchase this equipment. It will help children across the local community of Cardenden. The school next door the park has a role of 190 pupils and there are other children in the area who will also benefit.

""Our aim is to provide local children with a great space to play, have fun and be active with their friends and families"
Lynsey Scott, Secretary"

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