Budhill and Springboig Allotment Association


Your story

We are an allotment association in the east end of Glasgow.

Group introduction

Budhill and Springboig Allotments are situated in the Shettleston in east Glasgow. We think allotments have existed on our site for about 100 years.

We run the plots ourselves and elect a voluntary committee every year at our AGM.

Shettleston north is currently ranked 108 out of 6505 in Scotland's Index of Multiple Deprivation (with 1 being the most deprived).

The site comprises approximately sixty plots which are rented out to a cross section of people from the local area.

Having an allotment gives our plotholders exercise, fresh fruit and vegetables and a sense of community as there is always someone to talk to!

We are trying to move with the times and making our allotments more accessible in many ways. We have a number of projects ongoing such as improving disabled access and facilities, and providing smaller gardening spaces for those who are less able or have less time. we make to make allotmenting fair and available to everyone.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We are in the process of trying to make our allotments accessible for all.

Part of this is to ensure that everyone gets the same information. We communicate with most of our plotholders by email because it is fast and free, but about 20% of our plotholders don't have email.

We would like funding for an outdoor noticeboard so we can display information such as minutes from meetings so that all our plotholders get the same information.

Any spare money will go towards a disabled toilet.

"Budhill allotments are on the way to making their allotments accessible for all!"

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