Wythenshawe community rugby club


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A community based Rugby Union club.

Group introduction

Our club is based in a low income area of Manchester. We have been running since late 2015 and we are run by volunteers, who are passionate about bringing the core values of rugby (enjoyment, discipline, respect, teamwork and sportsmanship) to everybody in our community. We strive to turn our players into young leaders, which will benefit them in later life, whilst enjoying the comradare of being in a team sport and having fun.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

The funding will greatly help us by providing equipment that we can use for all of our players, to give them the best possible resources to achieve their goals in rugby for many years to come.

""We build new friendships on and off the pitch, Its not just a club were family." Kyal Westwell, Colts captain"

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