Wirral Dementia & Carers Group

Upton, Birkenhead

Your story

A group for individuals diagnosed with dementia, living in their own home, and their carers.

To provide a service which will help people living with dementia to avoid isolation for longer and to slow down their cognitive decline. Also to provide a small amount of support to their carers.

People with dementia from care homes are also welcome, but we must give priority to people living with dementia within their own homes.

Group introduction

The group is about helping people living with dementia in their own homes, to live independently for longer without becoming isolated too soon. Through activities (e.g. crafts, music, reminiscence and games) we hope to slow down their cognitive decline.

I have run the group for 2 years (self funded). We recently (May 2017) became constituted and we have received a small amount of funding. I have also taken on two volunteers.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

This grant would enable me to open a second group within another local area. We have outgrown our current space in Upton Library and some members travel a little distance. A group closer to them would make space to allow people closer to Upton to join and help others closer to the other area. I would be hoping to help a further 20 members.

The benefits for the service users would be; reduced cognitive decline for more people living with dementia, more peace of mind for their carers, a longer happy life of independence for all involved, a tiny (but important) impact on the local economy, as we hold our group within local libraries, it would help to keep them open and volunteers would gain useful experience and training to help them into employment.

""I have been a member now for a couple of months and have had the privilege of working with Barbara. Barbara is the most passionate and lovely woman I have ever met. Whilst running workshops Barbara is full of passion and enthusiasm! The workshops always run so well when she's there! The participants are able to relax and reminisce on their pasts and engage in the workshops well! Since I started, the groups have grown bigger and this is all from the passion and honesty in the workshops."

Quote from Hannah Hakesley, Group Volunteer Helper"

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