St Catherine's majorettes


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Majorettes, dance, team building / exercise / hobby / socialising / commitment

The St Catherine's Majorettes provides the opportunity to develop team building skills and exercise through dance.

Group introduction

I opened a majorette troupe in April 2017. I decided to open the group in Tranmere, knowing that there was not much in this area for the children to do. I have done majorettes for 22 years now and have gained a lot of experience teaching children how to do majorettes for 10 years. I have studied 3 A-levels in dance and have always enjoyed giving my time back to the local community.

My aim is to give the children an affordable hobby, to help and motivate children, promote health and wellbeing and keep children of the streets. This project has opened up so many opportunities and has developed skills such as making new friends, team building and training towards competition level to compete in March 2018. Since opening up I have fifty children attending every week from the age of two up to any age and we do have children with different disabilities.

I run the majorette troupe with a secretary and a treasurer along with friends who have danced before. The area Tranmere is a deprived area, that's why I have arranged local bag packing to raise funds for the majorettes and we have arranged a psychic night for the adults to raise funds. By raising funds for the troupe, it will help to bring the cost down for competition uniforms for the parents in march 2018.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

I would like to spend the money on competition uniforms for 2018. With us being a new team, competition uniforms are important in order for the children to compete in competitions against other troupes every Sunday, March to September. They are going to cost £4000.00 therefore we are trying to raise funds, as well as applying for grants and donations. The more we raise the less everyone has to pay for the uniform.

Once the uniforms are bought there will be no need for children in the future to pay towards these costs and that way we can make this hobby even cheaper. My aim in this team is to minimise any costs for members.

St Catherine's Majorettes would be very grateful to receive funding and, with us being a new team, it would help us progress and help fifty children. We are a community based team with volunteers that help every week. Each week we have new children joining, therefore the team is still building and creating a great atmosphere for children.

"St Catherine's Majorettes - "Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.""