Silver Strands


Your story

Relaxed social gathering for anyone involved with dementia, including carers and people personally living with dementia.

Group introduction

The group helps provide a safe and relaxed place for people with dementia and their careers to meet. We hope to help all members to stay in the present moment with songs, games, art and crafts. We encourage careers to talk whilst being conscious of providing support and privacy.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

If we are successful in receiving funding, it would help us to provide a wider range of activities. At present these are limited to what we have acquired from friends and family. We would hope to invite outside entertainers and music therapists, purchase sensory materials such as scenes and scents capes, memorabilia packs and maybe even a laptop to download material and play dvd's of past historic scenes.

"Mrs Vivien Grunner, volunteer and retired counsellor."