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Better access to our disabled toilet to improve the experience for our wheelchair tennis players.

Group introduction

Lancaster Tennis Club is part of Lancaster Cricket & Sports Club and is the only one near Lancaster City Centre, but attracts members from Morecambe & Heysham as well as the immediate area. We are a registered Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) and achieved Tennismark accreditation through the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) in 2015.

In the last 6 years we have secured external funds to upgrade the Tennis Club, whose facilities were very run down indeed. These have supplemented our own in-house fundraising and have allowed us to repair and improve our small clubhouse, repair our courts and also to build a disabled toilet (to allow us to deliver wheelchair tennis).

With these improvements, we have also been able to re-launch our junior section which is now the area’s most successful with 70+ members. With a fantastic volunteer Junior Organiser we now have a very active junior coaching programme, Matchplay and junior tournaments, as well as 5 active and successful junior teams.

Our well established adult section continues to develop with Sunday social and daytime social tennis sessions, as well as a team in the Winter Veterans league being recent additions. One of our most important achievements in the last few years has been the launch of wheelchair tennis – we are the only Club in north Lancashire and South Cumbria to offer this.

The focus of our bid for funding is improved access to our disabled toilet. This has been built at the side of the LCSC main pavilion, which is some distance from our tennis courts with the shortest route being a bumpy grass track adjacent to the bowling green. To facilitate access by wheelchairs (and those with pushchairs) to this toilet, we would like to tarmac the track. We are requesting a contribution to the cost at the maximum allowed under the Skipton Building Society Grassroots scheme, i.e. £500.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

As indicated above, we have introduced wheelchair tennis in recent years – and have received support from the Dan Maskell Tennis Trust to allow us to purchase tennis specific wheelchairs.

We are very pleased that we are one of the few Clubs to be able to provide wheelchair tennis, coached by our Club Level 4 coach Eden Parkinson.

Our Club has funded Eden to take a specialist course for coaches of wheelchair players and we are actively advertising this provision. Unfortunately it has not been possible to install the disabled toilet in our small tennis clubhouse, and its location attached to the main pavilion of Lancaster Cricket Club is around 150 yards away around the bowling green. The route is not tarmacked and is bumpy, so improving this to a smooth tarmac surface would hugely improve access for our wheelchair players.

We do recognise that this is a specialist need and would not impact on the community as a whole, but it would also help those members and visitors with pushchairs and we do believe it would be a very valuable addition to our Club.

"“I very much enjoy playing tennis at Lancaster Tennis Club and attending the wheelchair coaching sessions delivered by Eden Parkinson. However access to the toilet is currently very difficult and a smoother more direct route would be much appreciated." Andrew Hartley"

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