Keswick in Bloom


Your story

Keswick in Bloom was started in about 1993 when the town clerk and one of the town councillors wanted to improve the ambience of the town and get more floral displays. It now has about 16 members who plan and implement the displays.

Group introduction

Keswick in Bloom grew rapidly to a group of up to 20 volunteers. The ambitions of the group also grew, starting with hanging baskets and tubs, the first major project was the Keswick Bed – on the corner of Chestnut Hill, a focal point for visitors approaching from Penrith – where Keswick was spelt out in Box hedging. Further projects followed including Tithebarn Street Corner, Lower Lake Road and beds on both sides of the underpass. We now look after 6 or 7 permanently planted areas as well as mangers, tubs and towers in the Town.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

Success brings its own problems! Three of the areas we have planted are on the pedestrian route to the Lake, Hope Park and the Theatre, the number of people with dogs and children that walk past is so great that they stray off the path and the planting suffers. Two beds in particular have suffered, deciduos azaleas have been trampled. We need to protect these borders in order to keep it looking presentable, rather than neglected.

What we have found elsewhere is that carpet roses, when established, provide a good colourful barrier. We would plan to plant in the autumn to get them well established by the summer. It would benefit the area and bring it up to the high standard we achieve elsewhere in the town and in the parks.

"“I admire the Keswick in Bloom team for the glorious summer displays and the all year round impact of their planting and maintenance” Alison Newcombe - Bishop of Carlisle's wife"

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