Images of Burscough and Surrounding Areas


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Bringing the past to life through old photos, stories and artifacts from the West Lancashire area. To know the story of the places we live in we first need to know about it's past.

Group introduction

Our group is non-profit making and is non-subscription based. We have a unique, dedicated website and Facebook pages, with over 3000 members collectively. We have an archive of photos, stories and memorabilia that we take in to schools, libraries and community groups to give talks and hold exhibitions. The archives and website is used for research and people of all ages and backgrounds contribute, this improves their well-being and gives them all a sense of community.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

With any funding, we would hope to purchase a new video camera and memory card. We have one at present, however it is unreliable. We interview people who tell us stories of the past and film events for our website. The memories of the past are invaluable for the historical archive. For years to come, people will be able to see the historical archive and use if for research.

"Burscough Parish Council clerk, Tess Reddington."

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