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People living with dementia benefit from the local knitting group.

Group introduction

I have been a singer for 33 years and for the last two years I have been also singing in care homes. I volunteer at the Hospice of The Good Shepherd in Chester and one day another volunteer brought a knitted item in called a Dementia Twiddle Mitt, made from an NHS Pattern. I decided to knit one, and then another, and this went on until they were building up. That is when I decided to see if anyone would like to help me make these items and then donate them to local care homes, hospitals and local people living with Dementia initially.

I started a group on facebook called Handmade for Dementia North West. Quite a few lovely ladies said they would like to join me and we now meet weekly at The Piper in Hoole, Chester.

We have donated 575 items to local residents since May, however, I changed the name of the group to Handmade for Dementia North West & UK when Kings College London and Princess Royal Hospital requested items.

One of my ladies had the pleasure of giving out some of the 60 items donated to a local home today and I have just received this from her.

Hi Sharon. That was wonderful. One lady cried when given a mitt, one lady lifts the doll up and down in the air, and cuddled it. One man started playing with the mat straight away. They couldn't believe they were gifts. One lady kissed my hand to thank me for the mat. Lynne, general manager, gave me a big hug and said it had made her YEAR! She was almost crying. They left one of the bead toys in an ex farmers room, as he's in hospital at the moment. They said he doesn't talk much, but has a lovely smile, and loves to play with things that remind him of working on the farm. It was so rewarding go see the reception of everything. All this is down to you getting us all involved!

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We would be able to provide more Dementia Fidget Boards locally and we have started donating the Comfort Dolls. These are baby sized dolls that my ladies knit new outfits for and they are a great comfort to some ladies living with dementia, as they regress back to looking after their own child. It is quite hard finding these lovely dolls and having them being donated to us, therefore it would be lovely for us to be able to purchase a few new.

""Lynne, the General Manager gave me a big hug and said our donation of 60 items to her home today had made her YEAR!""

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