Greater Manchester ability counts football league

Salford sports village Manchester

Your story

The League enables disabled footballers to play on a level playing field.

Group introduction

The League is run by unpaid volunteers. No person involved in the running of the League have ever received any monies for their services. The League has been going for approximately 14 years and my nephew has been playing in this league for around 12 years. He could not join in football due to his disability of cerebral palsy and epilepsy. He plays in this league at his level of participation and gains from the physical and health advantages associated with regular exercise. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law are both now involved in the running of this league, to ensure he has access to this as it nearly folded 3 years ago due to lack of funding.

The League receives no funding at all and relies on donations, the teams paying a small subscription charge which is kept low due to nearly all players being unemployed. The League covers 2 age ranges under16 and Open Age. The youngest player is age 6 and the oldest player is 56. The disabilities that are accessing the League at the moment includes cerebral palsy, blind, deaf, hearing impaired, amputees, mental health, Down's syndrome, epilepsy and learning challenges. All play in the League for their local community and FA clubs.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

Any money that the League receive would be used to pay for facilities to enable the games to take place. To pay for specialised referees to oversee the games and for an annual presentation that acknowledges the players participation in the football games.

The League has annual running costs of around £7000 and subscription raises around £3600, depending on the number of teams taking part. Every new team that applies to join the League bring at least 10 new players. We currently have around 368 players accessing our program and hope to increase this again this year by at least another 20 players (2 new teams). The Leagues policy is that everyone should be able to access football on their level.

""Grant enables Disability Football League to survive.""