Gemstone Cheerleading


Your story

Gemstone Cheerleading local dance group in Lowton and Golborne.

Group introduction

Gemstone Cheerleading was started in November 2016 as a volunteer group. The groups coach, Lydia Gough, had recently been made redundant and whilst searching for a new job she decided to make use of her time and skills to set up a local group to train cheerleading skills. Lydia is a trained UKCA coach and has competed since the age of 6 herself at UK, European level and has performed as a cheerleader for a Super League rugby team.

Lydia printed her own flyers and advertised in local stores and approached the local high school to rent their dance studio to train in. 8 months later Gemstone now have two established squads Rubies Elite for ages up to 9 and Diamonds Elite for those aged 10-16. We are open to all ages and hope to form a 16-24 and a 25+ team when funds permit. We have interest from all areas of the local community. We operate an open recruitment policy and take everyone who is interested in learning and being active irrespective of their skill level.

By taking part in local fayres and carnivals and school based events we are able to help young people feel an active part of their local community here in Lowton and Golborne.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

This funding will help in many ways, it will help to pay for volunteers to attend training in safeguarding and first aid. It will help Lydia to attend further advanced coaching training in tumbling and stunt routines to help develop the girls more. It will also help to pay for competition equipment such as poms, entry fees and kits, which parents currently have to pay for and this makes competitions inaccessible for some of our group. We will also use some of the funds to help set up and pay for a website for the group.

"Julie Shawcross, Gemstone Cheerleading Volunteer: "It has been lovely to see the girls attending the Cheerleading group grow in their dance skills and confidence in the short time we have been open. We have taken part in displays at summer fayres and carnivals, which all help to make the girls feel part of their local community. We are all keen to see the group grow and the girls to be able to compete in more UK and European competitions.""

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