Friends Of Halsnead Allotment Group

Whiston, Prescot

Your story

Our allotment site used to be the old junior school. However, this was burned down and the site became derelict wasteland with rubbish dumped and gangs hanging around. It was an eyesore to the people who lived nearby. It was transformed into an allotment site for community groups and the children in 2011 and is now a popular talking point of the community.

Group introduction

Our group is a not-for-profit community allotment group. We currently have 12 of our 13 plots full and we all grow our own organic vegetables.

The allotment site is run by a committee, which is made up of all of the plotholders who are members of the wider community. We also work with the school children who live in Whiston, which is a deprived area of Knowsley. A lot of these children don't have the opportunities to grow their own produce or look at insects and learn about nature.

On our site we also have a small woodland area, an orchard, a wildlife area, a small water feature and honey bees. Our site is used to grow our own produce and flowers, as well as teaching the children about the environment and nature. The children are currently in the process of planning out a plot in order to achieve the RHS Gardening Awards.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

If we received this money it would have a great impact on the site and also in the wider community. We hope to be able to create some wooden raised beds on one of our plots, which could be offered out to people in the community who are not part of a group and who couldn't manage a plot on their own for whatever reason. These raised beds would be advantageous to the elderly or disabled people as the raised beds would be at about waist height. We could also use these with the children.

The raised beds would be made of durable wood, which would last for years to come and would be lined with plastic to make them last longer and can be re-used year after year. We would like to make at least 10 of these raised beds. People using these would benefit by eating healthier food, as well as by getting exercise and fresh air.

"Tina Cinnamond (chairperson) - "Our allotment site makes a huge difference to the community as it brightens the place up and is a place were people can come to relax and enjoy the outdoors.""

For more information visit: of halsnead allotment group