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We are a non profit making gymnastics club, who continually strive to ensure local children and adults are provided with safe and enjoyable gymnastics activities in a professional community based environment.

Group introduction

The City of Lancaster Gymnastics and Trampolining Club is a British Gymnastics affiliated acrobatic, tumbling and trampolining competitive club, serving the Lancaster and surrounding districts delivering both recreational and competitive programmes.

The age profile attending the club ranges from 2 years - adult and draws children and adults together from across the region in a fun and developmental setting they would otherwise not experience.

The clubs roots in the region go back 20 years + and over this time it has grown and developed. The last 7 years, building up to and following on from the 2012 Olympics, has seen significant growth for the club from 84 to 261 members with growing waiting lists.
As a competitive club it provides opportunities to over 251 gymnasts to compete at various levels; regional, inter-regional, national and international.

The club has a team of 28 qualified coaches and 24 volunteer coaches, with a comprehensive development and investment programme that has meant there is a vibrant and robust team, many of whom are former and current gymnasts of the club.

The club currently train at the University of Cumbria’s sports facility in Lancaster, an arrangement that has worked very well to develop the club to its current standard. We have had to develop a satellite general gymnastics club based at Westgate Primary School to alleviate the waiting list currently held by the University of Cumbria. At present we have approximately 367 local children participating in general gymnastics classes run by the University of Cumbria and delivered by the City of Lancaster Coaches and volunteers.

The club, in partnership with British Gymnastics, Lancashire Sport and many other organisations has real potential to grow its standards, activities, participation and inclusion at all levels and be a continuing positive and inspirational partner in the Lancaster District.

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The club is a not for profit organisation and any excess money is invested back into the club and its activities.

The club has a governing management committee consisting of 10 people.
Club Development Officer
Coaches/Tumbling Representative
Gymnastics Representative
Schools Liaison Representative
Health and Safety Officer
Parents Representative
Welfare Officer

The City of Lancaster Club desperately need 3 new safety mats for gymnasts to land on when exiting many different skills on various types of equipment. We use the mats every day and the foam inside is no longer firm enough to support gymnasts on landings from a height. The mats are used for local children and adults from 2 years old. The mats have a lifespan dependant on amount of use. The mats are being used daily, so they need replacing on average around every 4/5 years.

With the amount of local children we are accommodating at the moment we are struggling to fundraise enough money to keep up with the demand of matting.

""Tumbling safely with the help of the Skipton Building Society.""

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