Bromborough & Eastham Junior Football Club

Bromborough and Eastham, Wirral

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Community Junior Football Club.

Group introduction

We are a Junior Football club that provides the children of the local area the opportunity to play football in a safe and enjoyable environment. We aim to provide the children with everything they need to feel they belong to something, no matter of their ability. We also aim to keep our costs as low as possible so no child misses out. We will also support those who are struggling financially.

Our club has been active for just over 2 years and continues to grow and support the children of the local area. We are run by parents of children and are all volunteers.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

Any funding would be put straight into providing the best equipment and opportunities for the children of the local area. It would be used to provide them with a location to play football that is safe and suitable equipment that is required to play the game, each child a kit and training clothing of their own so they feel part of the club.

The money is always used for the children.

""We aim to make football fun for the boys and girls of the local area. Money received goes to be used for the kids needs." - Colin Jones, Club Welfare Officer"

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