St Ann's Redevelopment Trust (StART)

Tottenham, Haringey

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Create truly affordable secure community-led housing on St Ann’s NHS hospital land

Group introduction

St Ann's Redevelopment Trust (StART) is a Community Land Trust (CLT) seeking to create a community-led housing development at St Ann’s hospital site in Tottenham, North London, when the land is sold. StART was formed in July 2015 by local residents in response to concerns that the proposed sale of land at St. Ann’s would take no account of the needs of local people at a time of severe housing need. We are seeking to create a new kind of housing development where social and genuinely affordable, secure, housing are given priority and the community is actively involved in the design and management of the site.

StART is run by people from the local community, and people who live, or have a strong connection to, our local borough (London Borough of Haringey). StART now has a membership of over 200 local individuals and over 30 local organisations, with an active core of about 50 people who donate their time and expertise in developing our vision for the community development. We have an active programme of local community involvement and consultation and used the feedback from over 7 community events to write a brief from which architects have designed our Masterplan Vision, a summary of which is available on our web site.

Our core objectives include building a variety of good quality genuinely affordable homes, securely available in perpetuity; maintaining and enhancing the green assets of the site which has links to two green corridors in the neighbourhood; maintaining good links with the neighbouring mental health trust hospital; providing supported and sheltered housing to particular groups including workers at the hospital, those fleeing domestic violence, patients of the hospital and older people; maintaining heritage buildings; providing small commercial spaces for local businesses; opportunities for apprenticeships; community facilities; a porous boundary with the hospital which might include therapeutic allotments.

We are also actively engaged with our local authority (London Borough of Haringey), The Greater London Authority, the health trust and various organisations developing and promoting environmentally sustainable development and resources of social benefit.

We are developing our environmental and housing policies in a way that will support those in genuine housing need, especially those who may not have recourse to local authority housing support. As neighbours of an NHS mental health trust we wish to provide housing and support for those with ill mental health, and to counteract the stigma that people with ill mental health often experience.

We will promote use of environmentally friendly transport such as bikes, car sharing, public transport. There will be fewer than usual parking spaces and allocated on the basis of need. The development will provide open spaces for recreation, community activity, education and supporting local wild life.

The site is large enough for approximately 800 homes. By developing a variety of types of housing, from communal homes, one bedroom flats, flats of different sizes, family homes, sheltered housing, we hope to provide a community for people at all stages of their lives.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

StART is currently trying to raise funds to support our voluntary work, as well as necessary professional fees. If we were to receive funding from the Skipton Grassroots Giving fund we would use it to support our community engagement activities, including re-printing our leaflet about StART; printing other information resources including copies of our Masterplan booklet and membership forms; paying for resources such as our email, website and domain name facilities; being able to host community meetings (room hire/light refreshments); paying for meeting space for our regular meetings which are open to all local people.

Local participation and engagement are key to StaRT:

we want to ensure that we continue to have local participation and representation within our organisation so that the development is truly community designed and led and is able to reflect local housing needs and vision for a local housing community.

By demonstrating that we represent the local community we will be in a better position to enlist practical support and engagement of the local authority ( London Borough of Haringey) and the Greater London Authority (GLA), both of whom are supportive of our ideas. We are talking to the GLA with the possibility of them purchasing the land and working with us to develop the site according to our vision.

Engagement with the local community will enable the development to get off the ground more quickly, as there will be support for the planning application that we will be making.

If StART is successfully able to develop the homes and community on the St Ann’s land, we would be able to develop some 800 homes. This would provide truly affordable, secure, good quality homes for about 2,500 people. We would ensure, through covenants on the properties, that this provision continues into the foreseeable future, if not in perpetuity. It is accepted that secure good quality housing is necessary for well-being, both physical and mental good health.

Haringey has a large number of people who are in housing need who would not be able to afford to live in developments currently being built locally in the commercial sector. Many families are living in unsuitable temporary accommodation or in the precarious expensive private rented sector. Many residents do not even get on the council waiting list, such as young or single people. The development of homes by StART would help all of these people.

The StART development will offer the opportunity for people to remain living in their communities, and for there to be truly affordable local housing in perpetuity.

"Affordable housing is such an important issue for our community - we always get a good response when we engage with people about our plans. This grant would allow us to reach out to more people and create a stronger sense of community empowerment, ensuring that StART is properly driven by Haringey's diverse communities, matching their needs and taking forward their ideas for the future of the area.

Marelen Barrett, Director"

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