Hope Through Music

New Addington

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The role Hope Through Music are playing in community by helping young people to become more aware of options available as well increasing their skills.

Group introduction

Our Youth Arts offer is at the heart of everything we do, as well as being at the centre of the Croydon creative community, the most exciting and diverse of its kind in London. We offer a diverse range of activities for young people, welcoming those of any ability to get involved.

Our on-going classes include art, dance, drama, music and theatre, as well as a regular drop-in space and dedicated half term and summer holiday programme. All our activities for young people are completely free; a resource we believe is unique and vital. And the group is run by 4 volunteers and been active since 2004

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

That’s why We are applying specifically for assistances toward the Music equipments (powered mixer and speakers) for theatre forum, music and dance production sessions over the period of 12 months. the equipments will stay safe for the duration of the project and after the project for the benefits of our community. We are estimating helping 50 young and mostly disadvantages young people, young people who are NEET young ex-offenders or at risk or in danger of exclusion.

"Joao Kamba

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