Flora Gardens Primary School


Your story

Flora Gardens Primary School is an LA maintained school situated in Hammersmith.

Group introduction

Our school serves the local community with 62% of the pupils having English as an additional language and nearly 50% of them on free school meals (FSM). Many of our pupils live in the flats on the surrounding council estates and therefore do not have access to a garden. The pupils suffer with high levels of multiple deprivation. They are therefore on reliant on the school in providing them with a safe environment in which to play and learn.

Due to Government constraints and previous poor leadership the grounds of the school have been left untended for a substantial number of years. The school now has a strong and stable leadership in place which is focusing on a broad and balanced curriculum for the pupils. We have been working with volunteers and have started to restore our gardens in order to bring the flora back into Flora Gardens! The garden area also supports their education as we are dedicating an area for each class to grow vegetables.

In order to make the garden area self-funding we are proposing to grown fruit and vegetables which the children will sell at the school summer fete and then reinvest the monies raised back into buying more seeds and plug plants. We also have some established fruit trees which have been pruned: the fruit will be harvested and again sold at the summer fete.

In the future we want to open up the garden area to other local schools to use to support their education although until they have been fully restored we are unable to offer this.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We would use the monies from this grant to purchase gardening equipment, seeds and plants as well as potting compost, composting bins, plant pots and repair the greenhouse. Improvements to the garden area would help support and develop the pupils education and also give them life skills.

If we can make the garden self-sustaining by selling our wares at school events as well as allowing other local schools to utilise our facilities this would impact not only on our pupils and parents but also those in the local community.

We have drafted a five year plan for the garden area which will see it develop and grow in the years to come. We are involving the pupils, parents and staff at the school as well as local volunteers

"Fingers crossed with our application Jeanette Elven School Business Manager"

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