D'Eynsford Community Garden


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Gradually Greening D'Eynsford

Group introduction

In 2009 a group of well intentioned neighbours wanting to improve disused pathway along the edge of the D’Eynsford housing estate. The pathway had been blocked off due to antisocial behaviour and was overgrown.
Volunteers transformed it into a garden comprising 3 distinct areas, a woodland area, a social garden area and a vegetable/fruit growing area including a greenhouse and herb garden.
We share any produce grown between volunteers and residents to encourage a reduction in food miles, to promote fitness and wellbeing and to show vegetables and fruit don’t have to come from a Supermarket.
We open twice a week for after school activities and for residents to learn about and take part in food growing. We also run events during the year e.g. Halloween, Bug Hunts, Easter Egg Hunt.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

The shelter forms the focus of the social space and is used by many parents with small children and elderly residents. But the shelter is 8 years old and falling apart, consequently there is nowhere for people to sit and shelter from sun or rain.
We also suffer from a lot of cats all who seem to prefer our raised vegetable beds to their litter trays.
We would like to build a new shelter and buy frames and netting to cover the seven vegetable beds.

""Mum, we learnt worms are good for growing things", from 6 year old Josh Traynor who comes to the garden nearly every week now he's not scared of worms!"

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