Step Out Youth Group

South Wigston

Your story

Parents Pull Together For The Community's Children.

Group introduction

The group is run by parents who where fed up after the old youth group closed due to council funding and support. So a group of parents attended training courses and open a new youth group called Step Out. We have a great team on trained volunteers which are mainly parents of the area with different skills. With help from local PSCO which help as well. The groups has been growing with over 84 children on our books. Its for ages 8-16 which operates two days at the moment but moving to three in the summer due the council summer sports activities being canceled due to funding. We love what we have done over the past 18 month.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We have just managed after a year to get our hands on an old building which will be the youth groups home as well as children's sports activity center and community hall which we doing up bit by bit. This is all because there is a need for the children, and the area has lots of families on low incomes. So this project will help 100's of children, adults as well as the elderly which want to use our building when we did not need it.

"Parents Step In & Step Out Youth Group Is Created"

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