Mother and Toddler Group


Your story

I attended the group as a first time mother and was made really welcome . I learnt so much about parenthood and made many friends.

30 years ago the group leader left Newark and the group was to close so myself and a friend took over and have run it ever since. We teach interaction by mother and child through play, creative art and activity and provide equipment and messy hands on play.

Group introduction

Our group provide equipment for play and creation and urge parents to interact with their child in the activities as we feel this is an important part of their growing up. Many of our new mums come to mix and make new friends and learn from one another what parenthood is all about.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

Any funding would enable us to expand our facilities and purchase better newer playthings so that we can cater for larger numbers. We are really central and surrounded by many homes with young children. We would to increase our numbers to around 25 per session and have a big enough hall to accommodate this number.