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Measham Welfare Football Club are a grassroots local community football club, which evolved from the Miners Welfare Social Club, giving the land that the club plays on to the children and families of the village to play sport. To this day the club continues to embrace those promises and ensures easy access to participate no matter what the age, ability, gender or financial circumstances.

Group introduction

Measham Welfare Football Club was established back in 1984 as a FA Charter Standard club. With over 100 members from the age of 5 up to 16, both boys and recently a girl only team. The club is affiliated to Leicestershire & Rutland County FA and plays its development league games across various junior football leagues in the area. The club has close links to the local schools and hosts an Inter-school football tournament once a year called the Ray Stone Memorial Cup. Schools from around the area come together from 7 to 11 year olds to participate in the football tournament. The club also runs a half term Soccer School for 5 to 11 year old. This is a great opportunity for young people to learn new skills, burn off some energy and meet new friends.

The club committee is run by a team of dedicated parents and volunteers who give up their time to manage the administration of the club to meet the strict Football Association Charter Standards. The club has been recognized by the county FA for its contribution to football in the community and won several awards. The team of parents and coaches work hard to ensure they have the very best coaching education and attend courses for both safeguarding and first aid requirements, to ensure the children can participate in football in a safe and secure environment. With the clubs long-term development plan to expand and achieve FA Community Charter Standard over the next 5 years, the club will use the football pitch where the Ball retention Fencing is planned to be installed even more.

Unfortunately young people from Measham and the surrounding area face social isolation due to socio-economic trends, also the village do not have easy access to public transport and or other services.
There are high levels of unemployment 4.6% of the economically active population are unemployed compared to 2.2% across all rural areas and 2.4% across North West Leicestershire as a whole.
Due to these facts there are more demands for local facilities with an ever growing lack of family transport added to the lack of local transport.

The club is passionate about ensuring that facilities are kept in community as; some parents do not have the facility of transport and rely solely on their children playing football in the village. This project fundamentally achieves this, without the need to travel outside of the village. The fulfillment of this project will enable the club to achieve a key objective by enabling further increased football participation, for the benefit of local young people; no matter what their age, abilities or gender.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

The club has been raising funds through, raffles, Quiz nights and Easy fundraising shopping donations for the past 3 years to help support the cost to install a Ball Retention Fence which will be located behind the juniors football pitch. The field that the boys & girls play football on is surrounded on one side by a deep water ditch which is used to take any flood water away from the village. During most games and training sessions footballs get kicked or roll down into the ditch. For years the club has lost numerous footballs costing money due to not being able to retrieve them in time before they disappear down the drain pipe. In recent years concerns have been raised regarding the safety for children who try and retrieve them especially when the water is high. The ball retention fencing will stretch 70 meters long 2 meters high and will be permanently in place. The club currently have 100 members, with plans to grow even more over the coming years we anticipate over 200 children playing football on this field will benefit from not losing anymore footballs. There is also the cost to replace the lost ball that will be saved. The overall cost for the fence materials is £1400; we have raised £800 so far towards the project. Volunteers and a local builder have agreed to donate their time free of charge to install the fence so we have no labour costs.

"Dawn Roach, Parish Clerk
" Measham Welfare Football Club are at the heart of the community, giving opportunities for young people to participate in sport, in a safe and secure environment with fun being at the forefront to what they do""

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