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Boxing Clever to Tackles Hucknalls Obesity Epidemic

Group introduction

Hucknall Boys Boxing Club aims to tackle obesity, drug and Alcohol misuse, crime, anti social behaviour, bullying and at the same time produce top level boxers.

I have been running the club for the last 7 years and can honestly say there is nothing more rewarding than being part of our club. I understand the opening sentence sounds optimistic but I genuinely believe we can combat these issues effectively and we have been producing the evidence over the last 7 years.

We have trained children who were meant to be un teachable and turned their lives around. It is impossible for our members not to become fitter, healthier with weight loss when boxing burns around 1000 calories an hour. Boxing gives you discipline, respect and an inner confidence.

The biggest issue our area faces is obesity we believe this is down to lack of knowledge regarding healthy eating one of our clubs main aim is to educate all of our members and to get them eating healthy food.

At the same time we make Hucknall a more trouble free area as many of the children we would be training are no longer hanging around on street corners.

We have also produced some top level boxers three have gone on to be selected to box for the Midlands and we also have Midlands Champion.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

The first thing the club would buy would be a good pair of scales this would help us keep track of weighing our members to see how much weight they had lost, it would also help our boxers see if they were on target to make weight for their boxing match (without getting their weight right they couldn't box).

The rest of the money would be used to buy training equipment for our coaches i.e Boxing body pads (members hit. A great way of getting in shape) we would also be able to get two types of hand pads which our coaches would use to perfect our members technique and lastly a floor to ceiling ball which our members use for fitness and hand eye coordination.

Obesity in Hucknall is a massive problem and we believe all of the equipment we have asked for would be a great way of getting our members in shape and as said before the scales would help us keep track of our results.

When we have created weight loss in Hucknall through our training techniques and healthy eating it has such a knock on effect for the rest of the community helping them also to lose weight our advice and knowledge gets passed onto the rest of the community so our work benefits people for years to come. Fathers and mothers pass this advice onto their children.

We have 8 classes a week with roughly 25 people attending each class so 200 members per week would gain he benefit of the new equipment.

"Hard Work and Dedication

John Machin"

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