Friends of Sir Francis Hill School


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We are a group of parents, grandparents and members of the local community who raise money to benefit our local primary school. We raise money to buy extra items and help improve the lives of the children in the school. We regularly pay for trips and educational events which are beyond the budget of the school. We work with teachers and school administrative staff to identify the areas where our fund raising will have the greatest impact. We are a school in a very urban location where many children are from deprived backgrounds or suffer from physical or learning disabilities. We try to ensure the money we raise is spent on projects which will benefit ALL children within the school.

Group introduction

For the past 10 years the Friends of Sir Francis Hill school have run fund raising events such as a summer fair, second hand uniform sales, discos, tuck shops, coffee mornings and chocolate bingo in order to raise money for projects in the school such as the renovation of our playground which has become very run down and is an uninspiring place and in some places an unsafe place for children to play. We recently renovated a piece of waste land behind some classrooms into a beautiful memorial and sensory garden which has become a quiet place for children to enjoy both in break times and lesson times. We are run by a board of individuals, a chair
Person, a treasurer and a secretary. We make all decisions as a group and work as a team to achieve our aims which is primarily to improve the lives of the children who attend our school. Mandy Derbyshire is our current chair personal, June Brammer is our treasurer and she has been a parent and grandparent at our school for over 20 years. Amy Turner (myself) has recently joined and become secretary. We have many other members who are actively involved as fund raisers.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

Our school is the focal point of our community. It is not just a place where our children attend to learn. The school also hosts a church group on a Sunday, a Polish school on a Saturday, several events throughout the year including a highly popular bonfire night gathering, a Christmas market, a summer fair and many charity football matches as we have a playing field we allow the local community to use. We also host a variety of after school events such as a judo club, a dance club and parent groups. We have a nursery for children age 3 and above so parents who bring their children to this school have a long history with us until their children leave for secondary school at the age of 11.
We wish to continue to provide a central resource for our community and to strengthen the bonds we already have with other local groups and organisations. One thing we value very highly is our links with our local library which is run entirely by local volunteers. We would like to turn a piece of over grown waste land in the centre of our school into a special out door story telling area. We would like to use any funding we are lucky enough to be awarded by Skipton building society to clear the scrub and over grown bushes and lay play bark. We would then purchase a special wooden story telling chair and a ring of tree trunk chairs for children to sit on. We plan to decorate the area with herbs and plants which have a sensory aspect. We would like to fence the area off to give it a feeling of being secret and special. We know the children at our school would love to be brought outside to listen to stories in this special place...we also know this project would benefit our local community as we can invite our local library volunteers to come and share their favourite stories with us and in this way encourage our children to become involved in their local library. We would also invite all the groups who use the school in evenings and weekends to use the story telling area too. We would like it to become a local resource for use by the community.

"At Sir Francis Hill the community beyond our school gates is the key to our success as a school. We want to complete projects which will benefit all of the members of our community so we can grow and learn together."

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