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Friends of Holbeach Parks are fundraising to renovate and improve the parks in Holbeach for children of all abilities to enjoy socialising and playing for free

Group introduction

Friends of Holbeach Parks was formed in 2016 as a voluntary community group led by local residents living within Holbeach Parish.

We are fundraising to improve and renovate three parks in Holbeach, Lincolnshire, namely Carters Park, Hall Hill Road Park and Netherfields playing field, which are run down and have fallen into a state of disrepair. We plan to renovate each of the parks with fun, inclusive equipment so that children of all abilities can enjoy socialising and playing together.

The Parish of Holbeach, is one of the largest Parishes in England, with a total population of 24,000 residents. The market town itself being home to 5000+ residents.

The parks and playing field improvements will provide families with somewhere safe and fun to play and socialise as a community.

We are passionate about being able to provide families with somewhere free to enjoy themselves as there are many families in unemployment or low incomes within the Parish and we wish all residents in Holbeach & surrounding areas to benefit from these areas and have the same privilege as we had when we were young.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

If we were successful in our application we would put the money directly towards childrens play equipment. The equipment will be of an inclusive design so that children of all abilities can enjoy playing on it, for example a roundabout with wheelchair access.

We have surveyed two local schools, residents in local shopping stores and residential areas adjacent to the parks to gauge their views and interests in our parks renovation projects. We have had great support from local families, all of whom have agreed the town parks are in great need of regeneration and equipment which is easily accessible.

There are approx 24,000 residents in the Parish, with children and families who will benefit from the local parks improvements. Improving the parks will aid community cohesion in providing somewhere safe and fun to play and socialise together. The park improvements & childrens play equipment will provide families with fun equipment, in a space which is free to use, enabling everyone within the Parish to benefit from these areas.

With childhood obesity increasing the new equipment will also improve fitness through encouraging and enabling children to exercise through play.

The play equipment to be installed will be of a high specification, structures which cannot be easily vandalised and with a 25 year guarantee, enabling the equipment to be used by families for many years to come.

"Friends of Holbeach parks are a voluntary group fundraising to renovate and regenerate the run down parks in Holbeach, with new, fun, inclusive play equipment, for children of all abilities to enjoy. Funding received from Skipton Building Society Grassroots Giving will be greatly appreciated in going towards our parks regeneration project!
Kelly Wilson
Secretary, Friends of Holbeach Parks"

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