Wibsey Rugby League Club

Wibsey, Bradford ,West Yorkshire

Your story

We are a local community rugby league club aiming to deliver the opportunity of participation in sport to a wide range of children and adults, from all backgrounds.

Group introduction

Our community rugby club is based in the south Bradford district. The club is run entirely by volunteers and has been active since 1987. The club is made up of a volunteer committee to cover the demands and needs to run currently 7 teams ages from under 10s to Adults. Over the recent years we have seen participation decrease significantly in sport.

In 2016 we have embarked on an ambitious initiative to have increased participation in sport, in our local area by 30% by the end of 2016. Morse so, to have a further 150 children playing sport by 2017. In addition we are aiming to start both female and disabled teams in the next five years.

One of our main focuses is engaging with the underprivileged children in the surrounding area to provide them with a focal point and interaction in a safe and engaging environment. Our reviews have highlighted the loss of a community feel in the area, and through the engagement of rugby and sport we want to deliver a sense of community, back to both our near and close neighbours.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

Any funding we secure would enable us to drive through our initiatives to increase engagement based on our ambitious targets. To achieve our goals we will have to increase our coaching pool by a further 10 coaches which comes at a cost of £200 per person.
In addition we have to secure the additional training equipment and during winter training facilities to cater for the additional numbers of participants.

A further challenge is to get our to the local schools to engage with our activities and provide the opportunity to engage in coaching sessions through our volunteers.
We are trying the build the foundations of engagement and delivery a great environment for the children to feel excited about being involved and to build a true long term legacy in sport.

"With the help of the Skipton grassroots giving scheme, Wibsey rugby league and our community will benefit from our ambitious participation plans and interaction in the local community. This will lead to build a positive sporting legacy. Alan Redmonds (Exec Member & Head Coach)"

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