Wakefield and Pontefract Beekeepers Association


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Formed in 1928, Wakefield and Pontefract Beekeepers Association have 3 main aims, these include:
• Provide help and support for our members
• Promote the craft of beekeeping
• Educate members of the public in the importance of honey bees
to the environment

Group introduction

Established in 1928, the Wakefield and Pontefract Beekeepers association has long been serving its members and the community. Actively promoting the importance of honey bees and providing education for members of the public, the association welcomes members of all ages and abilities to join them. The association committee is formed by 10 members, who meet approximately 4 times per year to discuss issues and plan forthcoming events.

Due to the nature of beekeeping, the seasons do have an effect on the groups' activities, however the committee of Wakefield and Pontefract Beekeepers Association work hard to ensure alternative group activities, continue all year round.
Some events/activities ran by the committee include:
• During the winter month’s members meet on the last Monday
of the month to see presentations from guest speakers.
• Throughout the summer (active months) the Association arrange visit to group members' apiaries where bees are inspected and members are able to share their techniques and practices.
• In the summer months the Association act as a point of contact for members of the local community who experience problems with swarms of honey bees. In such instances, whilst collecting swarms or giving advice members take the opportunity to educate the public about the value of bees.
• The Association organise and run yearly beginner beekeeping courses, providing information and experience in keeping bees for those who wish to take up the craft.
• As an Association members are invited to give presentations to schools and other organisations wishing to learn more about beekeeping and honey bees.
• The group also attend events such as the Great Yorkshire Show, Countryside Live and education days at the Harrogate Show Ground.
• With close ties to the Emley Show, the Wakefield and Pontefract Beekeepers Association support the show each year by running a honey show, displaying products from the hive and being on hand to speak to members of the public.
The Association also welcome non-members to attend meetings which are advertised on ourr website,we have some spare beesuits so non-members are also able to join apiary meetings.

Over the years, the association have built up a library of books for members to borrow, helping them to develop their knowledge. The Wakefield and Pontefract Beekeepers Association don't only help their members learn and develop their skills, they also educate members of the public and actively promote the importance of honey bees to our environment.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

If the association were successful in being awarded funding, we would like to invest the money in IT equipment. This would be used to help provide presentations to their 59 members, throughout the winter months. The association currently do not own a projector or a laptop, which means we have to rely on the person running the presentation to bring their own equipment, and/or select members borrowing projectors from their employers.

With access to our own equipment, the association's presentations would be greatly enhanced, and it would also enable us to incorporate presentations in to our training courses.
The ability to purchase new IT equipment would benefit all members of the association, and members of the public by enabling us to enhance presentations and training.

"Without honey bees life would not be so sweet. At least a third of the food you eat is reliant on bees.

Mark Millard - Secretary for Wakefield and Pontefract Beekeepers Association"

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