Vintage Rhythms


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Vintage Rhythms is a York based community band that keeps alive the music of the great dance band era.

Group introduction

The band is made up entriely of volunteers, who have an aim to keep the old dance band music live. They provide an outlet for musicians to continue to play this music. Many of our musicians are pensioners and the dance band provides an important part of their lives. We often play for charitable causes, old peoples homes etc. and often at free open air concerts. The sort of music we play particularly appeals to the older generation, who remember the great dance band days.

We were set up in 2005. It is run by a small committee of 3, band leader, treasurer and one other. If we charge any fees they are always low, and we barely cover our costs for renting the rehearsal room each week. None of our musicians receives any payment.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We are in great need of a new digital piano. Ours is now over 10 years old; is very heavy, and some of the keys are failing. We have no excess in our funds to allow us to afford to buy one and therefore we would use the funding for this purpose. It would help lift the quality of the band, and also avoid injury through transporting the heavy current keyboard.

""Vintage Rhythms dance band provides a valuable service and source of joy to the people around York in keeping the great dance band music live."

David Badcock - band leader"

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