Thurstonland Village Association

Thurstonland, Huddersfield

Your story

To develop a boules pitch, as a new area of village activity to appeal to all ages within the community.

Group introduction

The TVA was formed in 2007. It promotes the interests and well-being of the village community as a whole. It also provides a link between different groups in the village. It liaises with other local associations and bodies, together with the parish and District Council and its ward councillors. The TVA holds monthly meetings and is administered by an elected committee of not less than 9 members, including officers. The committee appoints working groups to tackle specific projects and issues. Working groups are self-managing and report back to the main committee on a regular basis.

A few of the projects and support provided to residents include: Production of a 2020 vision Community Plan, provided the village with a defibrillator, created a Welcome Pack, which is distributed to all newcomers to the village, issues a free quarterly newsletter to all residents, developed 5 local walks for tourists and residents, supports Thurstonland Community Choir, is part of the project team with the St Thomas’ Church PCC in re-developing the church to a more welcoming warm and relaxing building for use by village groups.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

A small working group is currently planning to provide the village with a boules pitch. A detailed schedule of works has been drawn up in consultation with Kirklees Council landscape team. There will be 2 ‘lanes’ on the site enabling a minimum of 12 people to play at the same time, whilst other could watch or await a turn. Boules is a very sociable game and has proved very popular in neighbouring villages. The pitch will be ‘all weather’, which in itself has an impact on how tactically the game is played, but also makes it available for players all the year round. The funding we hope you could provide would help toward the cost of the project.

Once constructed the pitch will be available to everyone in the village, from the young to the old. Just 10% of skill and 90% of luck is required to play the game. A village team will no doubt be formed, which may then enter in competitions and perhaps a league in due course. Several challenges have already been received! Our overall aim is to provide a facility that can be enjoyed by everyone locally, and draw in people from the wider community to enjoy both a game of boules, in a very pleasant Pennine village.

"'Boules is a sport for all ages and will be a focal point of village life.'

Chris Dawson, Chairman"

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