Settle Wheelers


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Encouraging people to enjoy cycling for recreation, sport or transport.

Group introduction

Settle Wheelers is a small local cycling club that has been running for 15 years. Primarily our club events have focused on club rides for active riders and some time trials. These events are run by club members, all on a voluntary basis, as we try to keep subscription costs and event costs to a minimum.

We are now in the process of starting a youth group within the club to target children up to the age of 16, a group that previously we have not been able to cater for effectively. Primarily this is due to the fact that we are mainly a road riding club and cannot take members under 12 out on the open road.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

Funding would enable us to train 1 coach to the required level for British Cycling (level 2 coach) so that we could launch our youth group (a "Go ride" section) and meet the criteria of British Cycling for competence. This would importantly mean that our Go ride section would benefit from full insurance by British Cycling.

The Go ride section of our club would then be able to serve the community in reaching all age groups up to 16 (ages above would be involved in the full club events) with at least one event per week throughout the year. These events would be targeted to improve participants skill levels on a bike, improving fitness, all whilst having fun in a group in a safe environment. All events would be in a traffic free environment.

Similar groups for juniors in our area (eg Settle Harriers) have attracted around 60 juniors, we would hope to attract a similar number in the first 2-3 years, additionally we hope to grow the senior club on the back of the junior section as parents get involved with the club.

Cycling is a life skill, be it for transport, sport, fitness, or just enjoying our countryside, there is nothing quite like the freedom of riding along under your own steam. And we want to pass this on to a generation of young people in our community.

"A Grassroots Giving, grant would help our club to expand it's remit to children under 16. This age group has been missing out on the fun and benefits of cycling events in our area and this would be a great opportunity for our club and the local community, especially at this time when cycling is growing strongly in Yorkshire.

M Stickland, club Secretary."

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