Low Moor Holy Trinity Cricket Club

Park House Road, Low Moor, Bradford, BD12

Your story

As a small, community Amateur Sports Club situated between two well established, semi-professional cricket Clubs in Bradford. We struggle to obtain the financial support needed, to undertake the vast amounts of work needed to maintain and sustain the future of the club. We rely solely on volunteer support, self-funding and membership fees to keep the club going. We are seeking support from the fund, to help replace flooring to our family seating area. this is following the freak weather conditions of Saturday 29th June, when our ground was flooded, causing damage to the inside of the building.

Group introduction

Low Moor Holy Trinity Cricket is the epitome of a local, village, community amateur sports Club. We have been in existence since the First World War at our ground in Low Moor, Bradford. Our Club is entirely run and managed by members, patrons and volunteers. Our Club offers a place for the whole community to engage, providing a safe environment for people of all ages, to engage in cricket. We currently provide junior and senior cricket opportunities for all, irrespective of ability or age. Our club’s aim has always been to supply a sanctuary for local sport. Our club is still heavily connected to the local church. The vicar is our president, and our history in the area dates back to pre-war days, where the members were all members of the local church. Those rules are far more relaxed now, but we try to take our catchment from within the community.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

Securing this small financial support, would allow the club to replace the existing damaged flooring and re-open the family seating area safely, meaning our children (of all ages) can continue to enjoy this summer sport from inside. they can watch their family members from the comfort and warmth of the family room. It will allow us to start to rebuild and replace existing areas, and improve the facilities for all attendees. On average our club attracts around 100 visitors per week, with many of them bringing small children. We want to be able to ensure that our Club can provide a place of sanctuary for those families.

"Club Secretary Martin Jenkins said

"The support we have received from the Skipton Building Society has provided us with the chance to widen our scope in the local community. It has provided a place for families to enjoy local sport, and we are thankful for schemes of this nature, that allow clubs like ours to thrive"."

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We don't have a Club website currently. It is something we are keen to work on

Facebook: Low Moor Holy Trinity CC. Link is: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Low-Moor-Holy-Trinity-CC/560330287361589?fref=ts