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Halifax and District Beekeepers Association is the hub of beekeeping activities in the Calder Valley, providing help and support to all levels of beekeeper.

Group introduction

The Association is one of the 22 local associations which make up the Yorkshire Beekeepers Association (YBKA). It is run by a conventional committee comprising Chair, Deputy Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and
eight other full time members, that perform various duties as required. We are based in Halifax, West Yorkshire and we serve the beekeepers in the Calder valley, all the way from Todmorden to Brighouse. We organise a series of talks over the winter period, and in the summer we arrange various apiary visits as well as representing the association at the Todmorden and Halifax agricultural shows.

Like beekeeping associations throughout the UK, the objectives which underpin all our activities are:
• To increase the honey bee populations in the Calder Valley, thereby providing natural pollination for cultivated flowers, fruit and vegetables, and for wild plants and trees.
• To support the national initiative to regenerate honey bee populations across the UK.

The association runs a training course for approximately 20 beginners in the spring each year and this is supplemented by ongoing support and mentoring to give the new beekeepers the best possible start. In addition to the basic training, various workshops and events are organised to help beekeepers at every level prepare for the many formal qualifications which are developed and administered by the British Beekeeping association. Our training and workshops etc. are supplemented by a voluntary mentoring scheme, which ensures that new members get the best possible support.

The association apiary is located on Church Lane at Southowram, Halifax and is currently home to more than 20 colonies of bees. It is here that many prospective beekeepers get there first opportunity to delve into a hive and come face to face with thousands of bees.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

If our application is successful, the monies will be spent on a substantial gazebo to supplement the shed we currently have at the apiary. This will enable us to better accommodate training activities and other functions. Most importantly it will help prevent the frequent cancellations and postponement we currently suffer, due to inclement weather.

With 40+ members attending some form of training and workshop events every year, many requiring hands on beekeeping practise and experience. The ability to schedule preparation and testing events without constant weather concerns, will be a big benefit to all these beekeepers and their mentors/instructors.

"A heavy duty gazebo would greatly enhance our ability to organize beekeeping events at the apiary, without the hassle of having to second guess the weather all the time and issue repeated cancellation notices etc.

Dianne Gill, Secretary"

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