Friends of Sandringham Park


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Enhancing the park and area for the benefit of all the community.

Group introduction

We are a group of volunteers who started our friends group in 2010 to try and reduce anti social behaviour in the park. We engage with young people and residents to bring cohesion, we put on events such as the Big Lunch to combat isolation and bring the community together.

We plant shrubs and flowers and litter pick every day. The park has won 4 Green Flag Awards and Yorkshire in Bloom Silver Gilt. Our volunteers range from 4 upto 80 years of age. We have made many improvements to the park including outside gym equipement , notice boards, logs for seating and fencing for safety from the road. Anti-social behaviour has been reduced and remains low and the park has many more visitors each day who use the facilities. We have our own dog wardens and each April we hold a spring clean day. We enlarged the size of our park by removing dead wood and nettles and we have planted a wild life meadow.

We gained Fields in Trust status to enable the park to be protected for perpetuity as a park.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We wish to use this money to buy the materials to build raised beds, volunteers want to plant a sensory garden to enable children and those with a visual problem or in a wheelchair to enjoy the park even more, also for Dementia friendly memory enhancing. Raised flower beds will not only enhance the enjoyment to everyone who uses the park but will open up a new world of sensory enjoyment to those who miss out now.

The raised beds will be looked after by those who enjoy gardening but at present unable to access the ground due to health difficulties or sight difficulties. This will help a lot of people from the very young to all ages and will compliment our all inclusive work in the park. We feel a sensory raised bed garden will bring groups to the park who would otherwise not go into the park. The sensory garden will also be used in a dementia friendly way to stimulate memories and joys .

"'This is the most beautiful and inviting park I have ever seen and I ran a day care for children for 14 years, Diane Marie Grise - retired."

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