Friends of Prince of Wales Park

Park Road, Bingley

Your story

The Friends of Prince of Wales Group was started by a number of local people, who wanted to improve the neglected state of this Grade II listed woodland park.

Group introduction

The aims of our friends group is to renovate and maintain the woodland park, for the benefit and enjoyment of the local community. We are also concerned to promote the diversity of flora and fauna in this varied habitat. The vast majority of the work is undertaken by volunteers, who meet twice a week to undertake the physical work in the park (11,000 hours approximately to date). We also hold committee meetings on a regular basis to plan and organise this work and develop future projects.

We received start-up funding from Bradford Council, with whom we work closely. We have a constitution, bank account, a website and Facebook page. Due to the improvements, greater accessibility and improved aspect more individuals and groups are using this wonderful community facility.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We are looking for future funding for a number of projects.
Our priority is to buy a strimmer and other weed control equipment that is suitable for use by volunteers in the park. Although we have some donated hand tools we are looking to purchase more specific equipment to maintain and improve on the work already undertaken.

""The regeneration of the Prince of Wales Park has galvanised local communities, individuals and businesses to take an active roll in helping to rejuvenate and maintain this important local facility"

David Heseltine (Local Bingley Ward Councilor)"

For more information visit: of prince of wales park