Derwent Valley Amateur Swimming Club

Norton, Malton

Your story

DVASC was founded in 1961, with the aim to teach children to swim, and instruct them to become proficient in the four main strokes, and in turn to foster life-saving. We aim to give children a life-long enjoyment of the sport and to understand the need for water.

Group introduction

DVASC is run by volunteers - we hold lessons every Tuesday evening and coaching Mondays to Wednesdays.

Over our fifty-four year history we have taught several generations, and thousands of children to swim to very high standards. Many have successfully competed at league, county and national level.

All our teachers are qualified to ASA standard and, working as a team, we are passionate about teaching children to swim, harnessing their enthusiasm and willingness to learn, whilst making their time with us fun. In the hope they will return with their own children in years to come.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

With costs steadily increasing over the years, our equipment ageing, and training being a priority for us. We are constantly working to ensure our club can survive financially. Having spent a considerable amount of money, training new volunteers over the past year, we now find our starting blocks are in desperate need of replacement. Despite a very successful bag packing exercise over Christmas, our funds have depleted. Therefore, this funding would help us to replace our blocks, enabling us to still host club galas this year. We are seeing some very promising swimmers joining us and are slowly climbing back up the ranks to where we used to be in our local league.

"Please help support our club, as we are proud to be helping the children of our local area learn to swim, build confidence and have fun doing it, whilst keeping healthy.

Paula Cook (Secretary)"

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